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Coffee with purpose

All growth is an intentional balance of environment, nourishment, and timing. A quality cup of Kairos coffee requires beans grown in the right temperature soil, with adequate watering and sun exposure. The coffee is then picked at just the right time and roasted to precision. For children to grow into their full potential they require the same level of intentionality- a safe, supportive environment, nutritious foods, quality education, and opportunities for them to just be kids. 

UNUM International uses coffee sales to generate revenue to invest into programs that impact the mind, body, and spirit of children in impoverished communities in Guatemala. Whether through a nutritional program, sports camp, mentorship, a high-school or college scholarship, UNUM is working towards a Guatemala where malnutrition and illiteracy are irradicated, and children free to dream without the limitations of poverty.

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About Kairos Coffee


Finca San Antonio de Esquipulas


La Democracia, Huehuetenango


5,000 ft


Medium to dark roast


Red Bourbon


Full body, caramel, chocolate and black tea

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Coffee made its way to Guatemala by the mid-1700s and the first exports were recorded after 1850.   

At the beginning of the 1900s, the quality of Guatemalan coffee began to acclaim fame, several farms were recognized and awarded in the United States and Europe. And the rest is history! Now, as a country, Guatemala has won the “Cup of Excellence” prize several times, and countries like The United States, Japan, Germany, and Norway, among others, claim Guatemalan Coffee as one of the best in the world.  

Kairos is a trading platform for coffees rated above 87 points on the rank of “Cup of Excellence”. Our purpose is to promote the product of small coffee growers and roasters who are looking to expand their business in a highly competitive market. United by a common interest-to promote the high-quality coffee of Guatemala-we seek to bring an experience to our customers in which just the taste makes them feel as though time stands still. «From the fields to your cup.» -Kairos promise 

Kairos is UNUM International’s strategy to make use of an essential good (coffee) and leverage it as a source of funding. These funds enable us to holistically impact the lives of children and communities, from scholarships to community projects to covering administrative costs (like paying salaries and running this website you’re reading). Kairos was founded with the purpose of bringing high quality coffee to consumers and using the profits in a way that enables children to receive a quality education and proper nutrition. 

We support the Guatemalan economy by buying directly from the coffee farmers. Because Kairos takes care of the costs of roasting and packing, the local farmers are able to maximize their profit. Additionally, all the proceeds are used as a donation to UNUM International. 

El café llegó a Guatemala a mediados del siglo XVII y las primeras exportaciones se registraron después de 1850.

A principios de la década de 1900, la calidad del café guatemalteco comenzó a ganar fama, varias fincas fueron reconocidas y premiadas en Estados Unidos y Europa. ¡Y el resto es historia! Ahora, como país, Guatemala ha ganado varias veces el premio “Cup of Excellence”, y países como Estados Unidos, Japón, Alemania y Noruega, entre otros, afirman que el café de Guatemala es uno de los mejores del mundo.

Kairos es una plataforma de negociación de café con una calificación superior a 87 puntos en el rango de “Cup of Excellence». Nuestro propósito es promover el producto de los pequeños caficultores y tostadores que buscan expandir su negocio en un mercado altamente competitivo. Unidos por un interés común, promover el café de alta calidad de Guatemala, buscamos llevar una experiencia a nuestros clientes en la que solo el sabor les haga sentir como si el tiempo se detuviera. “De los cultivos a tu taza». -La promesa de Kairós.

Kairos es la estrategia de UNUM International para aprovechar un bien esencial (el café) y aprovecharlo como fuente de financiamiento para proyectos en las diferentes comunidades de Guatemala. Estos fondos nos permiten impactar holísticamente las vidas de los niños y las comunidades, desde becas hasta proyectos comunitarios para cubrir los costos administrativos (como pagar salarios y administrar este sitio web que está leyendo). Kairos fue fundado con el propósito de llevar café de alta calidad a los consumidores y utilizar las ganancias de una manera que permita a los niños recibir una educación de calidad y una nutrición adecuada.

Apoyamos la economía guatemalteca comprando directamente a los caficultores. Debido a que Kairos se encarga de los costos de tostado y empaque, los agricultores locales pueden maximizar sus ganancias. Además, todo lo recaudado se utiliza como donación a UNUM International.

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