Our Model

Our Model
“We want to impact the body, mind, and spirit of children so that they have the opportunity to dream and achieve their dreams!”

— Josh Chamalé, UNUM Founder

Areas of focus

Our model is to work with and equip people to lead  transformation  in  their  communities  by addressing physical needs and providing educational opportunities while showing and sharing the Gospel. 


UNUM International - Together we are one

We envision a Guatemala where all children have access to high-quality education and focus on instilling knowledge for the purpose of application, transformation, and replication.

The way in which we help is through:


UNUM International - Together we are one

We envision a Guatemala where all children have access to clean water, nutritious meals, and a safe environment.

This is done through the following programs:

Promotion of Sports

We integrate sports in our projects as a tool to improve social life, as well as a way to grow in relationships with individuals and communities. At the same time, we believe that physical activity can foster an overall improved well-being in individuals that might have poor mental health, such as anxiety disorder, depression, or stress, and even help to prevent it.


Chronic malnutrition has enormous consequences on the lives of children and communities. As part of our work, we give nutritional support to children, giving them one meal a day Monday through Friday, meeting their caloric needs, nourishing them, improving their health, and at the same time fighting against malnutrition.


UNUM International - Together we are one

We believe that our spiritual journey begins from the moment we begin a personal relationship with God.  

Matthew 16:26: “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”  

John 10:10b: “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” 

The way in which we do this is:  

Our Projects


Although it is a basic need, access to decent housing is not a reality for at least 50% of families in Guatemala. Our objective is to attack the causes of sickness in families; in improving the quality of health in their homes, we support the physical and cognitive development of the children. Some of our projects for dignified homes are:

UNUM International - Together we are one

Water Filters

Approximately three million Guatemalans, mostly from rural areas, do not have access to clean drinking water, a reality that sometimes even costs them their life. Children are the most vulnerable, seeing as Guatemala has one of the highest mortality rates worldwide.

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Stoves with chimneys

Cooking with open fire inside their homes, where there is no air circulation or ventilation, causes a high concentration of toxic smoke that families inhale.

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Not having a bed where to rest affects their health and causes alterations in behavior.

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Animal Pens

Families share spaces with animals; therefore, they are exposed to diseases and dirt transmitted by the animals.

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Toilet Construction

It is estimated that, annually, more than 400,000 deaths from diarrhea occur due to diseases caused by poor hygiene habits.


UNUM International - Together we are one
Unfortunately, the infrastructure of many schools is not able to support weather changes and consequently many children stop going to school due to the heat in the classrooms, lack of electricity, roofs leaking or flooding. Our construction projects seek to create and improve the infrastructure and safety conditions of school facilities.

Where we work

Current locations where our projects are being implemented:

UNUM International - Together we are one

Cruz Blanca,
San Juan Sacatepequez

San Juan Sacatepequez


Los Verdes,